In Ottawa (or anywhere), who should I meet with first for my business?

Starting a business in a new city can be very challenging. Who is the first person who should meet with? Where is the establishment? How can you quickly grow into something that will become solid.

1. Meet with your competition.
Gather as much info as possible on the industry and on the local market.

2. Meet with your suppliers.
Create a workflow with local suppliers. They will support your growth.

3. Meet with your partners.
Get in touch with the people who will be helping you. Anyone involved with the business directly should know you and be willing to help you at anytime.

4. Meet with your clients
Go out there and talk about the business. Find out who needs you and why they need you. Talk to them, tell them that you can provide a better service. Compete.

5. Find your competitive edge.
What makes you different? What will make your service/product unique and in demand.

Good luck.

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